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Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
27 October 2009 @ 11:08 pm
The Dungeon Podcast just got added to The Gauntlet (an awesome totally-more-metal-than-my-vagina website)!  This is a huge accomplishment! We should like, go have celebratory sodomy or something! Woot!

If you're in the neighborhood, go check if out, by
clicking here, and tell them you're happy as a unicorn that they put D-FloX on the Gauntlet. Do it, my uni-cunts.
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Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
27 October 2009 @ 08:56 pm
Today, I went to Dairy Queen, on the 100 (I dunno where you're from, but where I'm from, we use the farm road numbers still). As usual I got an ice cream sammich, and a sunday (with thin mints on top! yumm!). But, this time something possessed me to read the ingredient list, which I'm thankful for. So, I'll going to go over some things to keep out of your diet, so you can fit into your skinny jeans, and stay healthy!
  1. Carrageenan - It's like valaslin of the cooking world. It can be used in sexy time lube, as well as ice cream, and other dairy noms. Some of the worst side effects is bloating. I know people may also be very allergetic to it, as well. The good news! If you're vegan, this is the road to a thicking agent in cooking, where an animal product would have been otherwise used!
  2. mono - & diglycerides - it's just a fancy word for hydrogenated or partically hydrogenated fats and oils. Avoid like an unwanted pregnancy. Avoid, avoid, avoid! These don't occur commonly in nature, and have ADVERSE effects in the body. Think, Free Radicals. It's a favorite butter subsitute among "food" producers, because it's dirt cheap. Did I mention that they just want money?
  3. High Frutose Corn Syrup - Studies are still conflicting on if it's bad or not, but if it doesn't occur naturally, why on Earth would you put it in your body? Since it is in the process of extensive study, do your own research, however my motto, "If it rymthes with Gross, don't eat it." I would also trust it's former version of just plain corn syrup.
  4. Polysorbate 80 - Is being discuss if it causes infurtility. Yummy.
  5. Anything Palmitate - makes Vitamin A stable in milk. Get them vitamins!

I personally think we should all avoid meat, if possible, but, then again, if I ruled the world. . . . Well.  A few other things to know, trans-fats have a high life of 51 days in your body. That means, only half of the fats are gotten rid of in 50 days!

Enriched or bleached flour has all it's fiber removed, so if you can, try to find wheat flour (tho it's next to impossible!).

Artificial coloring is linked to cancer, and other fun body aliments.

Saturated fats are a double edged sword, so consume in moderation. If you need good cholesterol, aim to each avocados!

Also, avoid MSG (Adam! D:<), as studies show it kills brain cells in mice (and it gives me a terrible headache!).

Finally, if there are more than ten words on the list of ingredients that you can't pronounce, don't get it.

Good luck!, and remember, you don't have to stick to the list, but knowledge is power.

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Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
27 October 2009 @ 01:22 am
So, I guess, I whine a lot on my blogs.

I normally remember I have this when something really bothers me. Well, I'm going to let you know something, all readers (this goes out to you, too, Pizza Face v.2.o and v.1. ): I don't care what you think.

I supose I'm much nicer than that, but it'd be much easier to sum it up with the entire "fuck et," attitude. I do care, just not what you've got to say or think if it's fucking stupid. I wear my heart on my sleeve, which means the first emotion I feel is the first emotion I'm going to toss out at you. So if I happen to think you're a lying egotistical cunt of a man, well. . . I think you understand where I'm going with this.

I don't like being lied to, or anything along those lines. I can't stage drug use (it makes me uncomfortable). And, fer-sure will I never again date someone who has emotional issues (two months to hold my hand in public?! freaking come on!). I'm not saying it's all one-sided (there are more victimish people than I, shuddap) or that my pride is making me do this (if it was, I'd admit it) but, I need a change of pace. This last relationship (man I talk a lot) has made me see a few things, including what type of person I attract, and how well I've done for myself, and how happy I am just by moving out of a shitty situation.

I haven't a freaking clue who reads my Memoir de Mortes, (yeah, well, it is a friggin' graveyard of oddities), but if you do, here's to you. I'm the new Primadona of the Gutter. Be careful friend, I'm stepping up in the world, it may just be your little head is the next rung in the ladder.

In more interesting news! I do plan on updating this more. Now that I have a steady flow in the income (wooottt!) I will be showing ya how to make gifties, and other such fun things for the retro queen in your life, as well as make-up esstenials, and how to do your hair like a pin-up beauty!

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Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
Is there something that makes a kind, and considerate person a threat? Is it that when people see compassion they think weakness? Or is it just frightening to see someone act differently than the rest of society? I'm battling that now.

At work, my coworkers take my kindness as flirtation, or as being coi or mean. Which is just. . . Odd. I've turned down several people for dates (not that I don't want to date, but I'm sure as hell not going after my coworkers, most of them are fucking mental), and some even, think it's okay to insult me. One boy, in particular thinks I'm a threat to his girlfriend, or that I 'want' him.

Fat chance, Pizza Face.

He compared me physically to her, then said that, I'm so not pretty enough. . . Uh, excuse me? I wasn't even checking you out, or for that matter, caring HOW well your relationship is going, for that matter. It's frustrating when you're not even hitting on a person, and they think you are. . . Like, excuse your ego!

Then, another one is down right rude to me, now. I've turned him down twice, and it seems all he does is pout and such around me, now. I really don't care for the way these guys are acting, and it's not impressive, or even going to get my attention. I said, No, I mean no. I did not mean, flirt with me more, poke me, try to tickle me, or attempt to get my attention by being 'depressed,' and 'downtrodden.'

Honestly, I'm sick of you, and this is kinda my mental warning, that the next unkind words in my direction are going to be met with a, "Frankly, my Darlings, I don't fucking care. If I wanted someone, a girlfriend is not going to stop my perusing. I obviously am just not that into you."

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Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
13 October 2009 @ 05:31 pm
I've recently gone on the hunt for better makeup. I'm a fan of the stuff I have now, but I haven't bought good, new makeup in a very long time! I tried a few different places, and even Wal-Mart has a good selection of stuff! I think they're aiming at a younger crowd these days. Hah. Anyway, I tried two different makeup brands, Hard Candy, and Buxom.

I'll start first with Hard Candy! I found this in Wal-Mart, in their makeup section, between M.A.C., and some brand I've never seen before. It was colorful, and fun, and that's what got my attention. However, their eye liners, SUCK. I had to apply it twice, to get the color dark enough to notice, and it burned my eyes. Other than that, the shadows, and nail varnish are fantastic! It's happy, upbeat, and perfect for anyone trying to make a statement (or not? I don't know what you kids think now a days!). I highly suggest their shadows, and such, but try to stay away from their masscara and liquid liners (no matter how sparkly and awesome they are!).

Alright, now to my all-star winner: Buxom. If you've got a pretty penny to spend, do it on this. It's by Bare Minerals, so it's already got the good stuff. Normally, I don't believe companys that say, "it'll do this, this and this!" but, I do believe them! I tried their liquid eye liner, and it was like putting on angel feathers! No burn, no ickiness, no mess. It went on smooth, and pretty, and DARK. And, we all know I loveeee dark.

They also have some fantastic masscaras, like Texas Lashes, which make your lases look 300% bigger (NO JOKING!). Everyone I ask about this, and all the reviews I see is basically along the lines of, "do want do want do want do want!" And, they also catter to my need for sparklies, with the Sequenes Eye Liner.

The Down side? $15 and UP for this stuff. Be prepared to buy their brushes, and their other stuff - once you start, you wont want to stop!



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Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
01 October 2009 @ 03:00 pm
Today was one of those times. I was about to cash a fellow out, a Staff Sgnt, for the US Army, when an old man came up, and goes, "Thank you, let me pay, I insist," and threw a $50 bill at my face. I cashed him out, but the entire affair made me all teary eyed, and I pretty much started to cry. Both shared a few war stories - the old man fought in Korea, and then the Staff Srgnt asked if I had anyone in the military in my family. Then, I got to share about my dad. Honestly, it was very touching, because you don't witness these things that often. And, we know nothing about that old man - he could be finacnially unstable - but he did that out of respect, and the goodness of his heart.

Anyway. It was an odd day - we went to the VW dealer ship today. Fucker tried to charge me 20 grand, but the website it's like, only 18, all tricked out. I shortly after decided to purchase an Elentra, instead. Hahaha. You can't pull the wool over my eyes, dammit!
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Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
21 September 2009 @ 10:36 pm
I think a lot of people try way too hard, and when they get their first disappointment they give up. I think, a lot of time, small things are the cause of big blow ups, or in some cases, my nerves just get grinded one too many times, and I can't bare the thought of dating a guy who reminds me of my mother. Red flag? I think so.

I think everyone wants to be famous. I know I'm no exception to the rule. I want to have a job where I don't have to work super hard, but still make a lot of money, and make going green fashionable. A lot of people don't realize how rewarding it can be to recycle (not only when you get a few cents back into your pocket), or to pick up your street. And when you do it, everyone else will want to, eventually as well. It's just that, a lot of people could have the exact same idea, but are scared shitless to do it, because they don't want to be judged - who better to do this than someone who was pushed to the brink by their peers, and has nothing to loose?

I think, having dogs is wonderful. But having five little barking, fucking machines is a recipe for someone calling the dog pound. I'm not saying me, but I'm saying, for Heaven's sakes, can't you just walk outside and shut the little shits up!? It's 4 fucking in the morning! And, I love dogs just as much as the next person, but who in their right mind makes dogs this UNLOVABLE?!

I think, I need more furniture. And I can't tell if I should buy the stuff I want first, then work on getting an apartment, or visa versa. It's a tough choice. I just want to get on, and finish college, like every other girl out there, but I got a taste of freedom. Moving back in with Daddy is KILLING MEEEE.

I also think that the Pancake Puppies at Denny's are Man's greatest invention, the vibrator ranks second under that, followed by the iPod. Fuck the wheel - I love walking.

Love n' Junk.

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Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
21 September 2009 @ 06:41 pm
You know what I think? . . . . .
  • That if you meet someone who makes you all butterflies in the sky, try internet stalking. Just don't tell anyone.
  • Smiling makes you look younger, but makes you feel years more intelligent, and actually happier.
  • Happy IS easy.
  • Leopard print is pretty friggin' sexxxy.
  • Sexxxy with three X's is kinda my thing. I don't pronounce it differently.
  • Baby blankets are awesome, and soft. And bunnies are just iconic and awesome.
  • Ask why more often.
  • Compliment more people, because it isn't weird to think she's pretty, or that you like their shirt.
  • It's okay to walk outside with a plastic bag, and pick up trash - you live here too.
  • Everyone else has done it too - even if they wont admit it. Whatever IT may be.
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Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
05 September 2009 @ 11:27 pm
Today was mildly eventful. It started out with me dreading getting up, and dragging my butt to get ready. It was 9:30 AM, and already hot and muggy, what on Earth could make the day better, than sitting in the shade, and maybe drinking some lemonade?

Well, about 10:30, we got on the road, and headed down to H-E-B, for a coffee and a donut (me, a bottle of water, and a bran muffin), but before I even got into the building, I heard the scared, and alarmed, "MEW! MEW! MEWWW!" of a lost kitten.

That noise was ingrained in my very fiber, from my cat, who has seperation anxiety, and can't deal with being away from me too long. But, more importantly, and further back in my past, from when I was only seven or eight, I recall that noise from the fereal cats who left their kittens near our shed. My instincts kicked into over drive, on the memory of the week old kitten I found back then, hoping it wasn't the same situation. Something that small, in this heat, and humidity? I didn't really want to think about it.

It didn't take me too long to find the place from which the baby was hiding. She was terrified, and shaking from heat exhaustion, and dehydration. She was a little mangy, too, which leads me to believe there was some neglect going on (or, and I hate to sound like I'm being mean, but it's true), some Mexican family with a mommy cat, who just let her have the kittens under the house. It was a shame, because she was a real sweetie, and didn't fight me, when I went to pull her from under the propain tanks.

I didn't name her, because I didn't want to get attatched. Haha, too late. Anyway, I had the manager of H-E-B get a box, water, and something for the little girl to snuggle up to. She wasn't much older than 4 weeks, sadly. Where her mother was? I could only speculate, since there was a main highway across the street, and many busy business roads around. I know the management at H-E-B will take good care of her, especially after I gave them a little 101, on what to do. Thanks for helping me out, guys!

In other news, because of the rain we had, the Rain Lilies have been growing like crazy! These are some of my favorite flowers, they are so flippin' fragrent, like jasmine, but, lilies! And to top it off, they are white. God is tugging at my heart strings, today!


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Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
04 September 2009 @ 02:33 pm
With the beautiful background noise of the trash man coming down my street, I speak with my good friend, talashira , as she points me in the direction to get better at coding. I have basic knowledge, but when you couple it with art skills in Photoshop, and in general, the end result is prettier than the coding. Heh.

And the night before, being sernaded by fucking dogs (no literally, they were having a breeding frenzy). Oh, Los Fresnos, Texas. How you treat me so well, with all your humidity and heat, and BUGS.

Yesterday was really bad for me. I had a bit of a break down in a store call H-E-B. It's like a more upper class Walmart (or, THE WalMart). But, as you may have already figured out, I have an extreme fear of coach roaches. Well. I think I stepped on one in the H-E-B, yesterday. I broke down and started sobbing, and crying. I could hardly control myself. It wasn't pleasant.

Turn out the friggin' thing was a cricket. I still felt bad, because I killed the poor thing, but I feel worse because I was crying in public, and ruined my makeup! Okay, I'm not really that shallow. But, I was disturbed by the prospect of public displays of emotion, and the rest of the day couldn't really function. I was on the brink of tears until sleep over took me. Please understand, I've got a mental block about being emotional in front of people I don't know, thanks to a shit town, and shit people, who messed up my mental health as a shit child.

Anyway, today was extremely brighter. Finished a book. Showered. Got to enjoy a favorite perfume. Spoke with my father, spoke with the neighbor, Evarito. He's a sweetie, nice guy. I hate his dogs. - Oh and T-Mobile called, and I've got an interview. Exciting? I think so. Job falls in place, then school, then car, then the skies the limit.

Or rather, Mars. The sky is rather close to us, I think. O:

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