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19 April 2010 @ 04:59 pm
I declare today - "Fuck yourself Gently" Day!  
Because everyone needs a good dicking once in a while. <3

Things To DO!
  1. Paint! Or, at least draw something worth while, and color it. :D
  2. Go smoke.
  3. Get some hot pockets. exercise. ;n;
  4. Go find something awesome to send to Aaron.
  5. Make someone smile.
Can she do it?! Why, fuck yeah! I can. But, I will be defeated if I don't charge my iPoo'd first. That would fucking suck. . . . You know what else sucks? My dinosaur picture. I left it with my ex, for safe keeping. . . Now I want it, badly. I wonder if I'll ever get it back? Or, if he burned it. (more than likely. *sob*)

Alright! Now, I'm off! Have a wonderfry day!
mood: amusedamused