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14 December 2009 @ 10:19 pm
Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas  
Or, at least thats what my room looks like. Pumpkins and Christmas decor! I love it! I even went as so far as to get a little pink sparkly santa hat for me, and a sequinned collar for my cat. The halls are decked, the trimmings are out, and all that's left is to hang the stockings with care. It's been a weird ride getting to this point. I recall last year so clearly! (God, San Fran was sooo beautiful.)

Anyway, my birthday is in a few days. The night before I'm going with Sandy to see her son perform in a body building competition. The next day, I'm dressing in all pink, and celebrating my graceful aging at my Aunt's with my family. Christmas will be beautiful, for me. It's the first one I'm really excited about (not to mention I'm getting the most AMAZING sewing machine!) and not broke for. Kinda. Right now, I've got just under $5 in my bank account. Thank God I work tomorrow!

By Feburary I should have a car (I want a Jeep or Ford. . .), and by May, a shiny new laptop. Things are working well for me. Now, if only I could bag that one boy. . . Hahaha.

As for romantic life - let's avoid that topic all together. It's a bad math problem, really. If 7 boys try to fuck Dollie, and Dollie will only give 2 a chance, and only 1 is really potential relationship material, who is X? Did I mention I failed math, on a account I slept through all four years of that class?

Anyway. As soon as I get my sewing machine, I'll start posting some real nice tutorials. Promises.

XOXO, Dahlia
mood: cheerfulcheerful