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31 October 2009 @ 01:32 am
Just Dance, It'll be Okay.  
So, my secret obession is Lady Gaga. Not because she's fucking nuts (which is a damn plus), or her style (yes plz on most of what she wears), or her music. . . . Okay, so now you're going, "What the fuck, Doll Face? You don't like her for all the obvious reasons? Don't make us dive into the obsurcity!" Oh, hohoho. We shall.

And, dive, we are: She chased her passion even when people told her to GTFO. Ohh, that's a lame reason, right? Wrong. She was signed, and dropped, and she kept kicking. I think after something like that, I'd freaking explode - and now she has. Everywhere. Even my 63 year old dad wants Lady Gaga's cock. It's fantastic.

Oh, so, right. The reason I'm posting something here, is to annoucnce that I'm taking up the body modifaction's position at South Ink, and I'll also be training my butt to be an artist. That's right! A tattoo artist. And you're like, "wtf does this have to do with Gaga?" Well, my lemmings-for-readers, everything. This IS my dream. I chased it for five fucking years in California, and it took me coming home, and giving up to get it. Thanks, God!

("Hey, uh, God, can we cash in my other karma cookies? I'd like to order a lightening bolt to Ventura, California - uh, oh? You're busy? Damn.")

I'll also be releasing my little Voodoo Runts (and eventually showing you how to make your own), as well as starting to make my own clothes (and sell them!), all while working at Denny's, and getting my Business Degree. I might not sleep much in the next few years.

xoxo, Dollz

mood: excitedexcited