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nursedahlia's Journal

Miss Cannibal Dahlia // Solecism
20 December
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Miss Dahlia, Behold! The Girl-Solecism [ ♪♫♥♪ ]

Solecism, Noun: a breach of good manners or etiquette.; any error, impropriety, or inconsistency.
Essentially, I'm a stranger in this world, who enjoys jousting about, pretending, and make-believing. I'm rude, and crude - complicated - sweet, and simple. I'm Nocturnal, a morning person, and a midnight tea drinker. I'm a vegan, and a cannibal (not literally). I'm a million things, with a million more interests, and I want to share with you the knowledge I picked up from being a Jill of all trades. ♥
You don't have to be interested, you just have to enjoy sadistic natures.