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02 November 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Loonggg Post is Long. Lets do a Victory Roll!  
Boom Shell Red?

Look! I mades a coordination! Be proud, mkay? You be proud now. D:<

For starters, I'm sorry I couldn't get it all under a cut. I tried and tried, and I want to ask talashira , whom I text for all my computer anonmollies, because, frankly, I've given up on being computer literate. It's a lot harder than I thought it was! I'm content at being able to check my mail and play neopets sometimes.

Secondly, Today was a red day. And, it felt good to admit I'm firey, and ready to rumble (and need a lover!). I 'd love to just strut around in this (and soon will!), just to see the looks on people's faces. They already look at me oddly for having a vintage-ie look. Or, smiling. Or, just being me. It's a lovely thing! These folks down here no nothing about style. I has the sad.

Oh, and an update on the Buxon makeup that I posted about two or three times ago? Still wonderful, I have no reactions, except my vision gets a little blurry when I put it on. Ehh, but it's not irratating. I suspose I should teach ya'll how to do the victory curl in your hair, mm?

Well, let's start!
  1.  It's easier to start with pre-curled hair, like with pin-curls, or sponge curlers, or some such. I like both methods, tho, each one is a bit hard to master. Sponge rollers look different, and pin-curls if you don't do them right, you get random curls going odd ways. So, find whats easy for you, or try without curled hair.
  2. You want it damp. It's easier to work with, for starters. And the hair spray, or gel, or lotion will help it hold better, and longer.
  3. Don't fret trying to get the other side to look exactly the same, otherwise you'll be there for ages. I'm better with the left side than the right, so I start with the right, always.

See? Pre-curled. This is ideal. From here, comb forward the front half of your hair that you'll be using. You can keep it parted in the middle, or when you get better, go nuts, and try it ever which way. Some people like it parted to the side.

Comb it upwards with the round brush to get all the hair going in a uniform direction. The more you comb, the less curl it'll have to it, which is okay, if you like fighting your hair. I do it a couple of times, just to make sure it's smooth, and all that crap. Wet it down a little, if you're doing it with dry hair, to get all the strays in order.

Now, hold the hair by the ends, so it looks a bit like this. You want to twist it around your finger, so the hair is going under your finger, away from you. This way, you can pinch it with your thumb and pointer finger.

See? Pinchy pinchy.



So, now, you want to get your pointer out of the loop, and pinch the loop of it doesn't unravel. You don't want to twist it, or do anything funny with it, otherwise you're going to have shitty looking victory rolls. And it just plain sucks to comb that straight, 'cause it knots easily that way.

Roll end-over-end, until you get to your scalp. Don't twist! Roll. They don't call it the victory twist, it's a victory ROLL.

Now, play some strategic bobby pins about (I only need three on a bad day). I used white ones so you could see where I placed mine. Sometimes I place one in the back of the roll, to make it look fuller, too.

And, tada! Victory Roll! You can place a snog over the rest of your hair, so it stays in place, or you can leave it down, and brush it until it's shiney, and wavy. Whatever you decide to do, add some chucky beads for a 50's flair, and some awesome shade of red lipstick (I like mine darker). You're good to go!
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hollywoodpussyhollywoodpussy on November 3rd, 2009 06:09 pm (UTC)
very nice! : D